Hello 👋

A gif of Lazar Nikolov eating a croissant

I'm Lazar Nikolov, a software engineer born in the 90's in Macedonia 🇲🇰. I am an experienced full-stack and UI/UX Designer, primarily in React front-end development, NodeJS / NextJS back-end development and UI/UX Design. My specialties are software design, refactoring legacy code, designing and developing design systems, automating builds and deployments, applying software design patterns and future-proofing the codebase.

I work at CodeChem, a company made of smart and caring engineers. If you're interested in working with me, feel free to send me an email!

As of February 2021, I'm a core member at Chakra UI.


Bachelor of Engineering, field: Computer Engineering (2013-2018)
Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering, Skopje