Daily Habits 📅

Staying up to date in the tech community is crucial for your career! That's why I've built a "system" for myself to stay on top of everything that's happening in tech nowadays. This is a list of media channels that I visit.

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I visit these, along with Twitter, daily or at least once per week.

  • Occasionally, I'd go to YouTube and search for some technology or tool, like "Tailwind CSS" or "Figma" or "GSAP", watch a few videos and that's how I might get introduced to some library or tips & tricks that I can later explore and dive into.
  • Weekends are golden (for exploring and trying out new tech)! If you don't have anything planned, try to use those 1-2 days to play around with some technology you've recently found. You can use Notion to keep track of the stuff you want to get into. Also, Notion is an amazing (the best!) app for note taking and organizing. It's got some superpowers you'll definitely want to check out.
  • When I want to explore libraries and other goodies for a specific ecosystem I usually search for its Awesome list on GitHub. Awesome pages are collections of tools and libraries for a specific technology. Here are some examples:
  • Product Hunt new tech stuff that comes out gets posted here
  • Hashnode A developer blogging platform where devs share their knowledge. P.S. you're already here!
  • Daily Dev is a chrome extension that aggregates tech news for you. make sure you spend 5-10 minutes to setup the topics and hashtags you want to follow. it's worth it
  • DEV large developer community
  • Dribbble an online community for designers
  • Framer Blog is an awesome blog that inspires you to find your most creative self. It covers mostly Framer, UI Design, UI Prototyping and React.
  • Discord is a slack alternative mainly used by gamers, but there's a large developer community. You can participate in discussion in their channels, and also search for #resources channels. That's where they usually post new libraries and tools. Here are some servers to join :

🐦 Twitter

Twitter is not just about anonymous keyboard warriors talking trash about politics and each other. You can benefit a lot from having a solid twitter setup. Here are some accounts that I follow. For more, you can check out the whole list of accounts that I follow.

P.S. The 🔔 emoji means that I've enabled push notifications for that account's tweets. I'm more interested in those accounts and would like to be notified whenever they post stuff (usually new versions for their software packages and what's new in them). Find the people you're interested at on Twitter and press the Bell + icon to get notified when they tweet.

JavaScript / Web
C# / .NET / Xamarin

ğŸŽ§ Music

Music is really important elevate your focus and to keep it there for longer. It's proven that low-bass/no-vocals music enhances your focus and gives you developer superpowers. Here are some playlists that I listen to (you'll need some good headphones for these):